Rescue Works in Case of Fire in Tall Buildings in Riga

Jeļena Malahova, Kārlis Ketners, Jānis Ieviņš, Mihails Antonovs


The article proposes the rescue works in case of fire in tall buildings in Riga, the Republic of Latvia. The subject of the present study is a problem of tall buildings in the context of fire safety, fire extinguishing and performance of rescue works, while multi-storey residential houses have been chosen as the study object. The study presents the analysis of a multi-storey building with number of storeys over 10 (high-rise building) since just such buildings are characterized by increased fire hazard and more difficult fire extinguishing and rescue works. Within the framework of the performed study, one of tall buildings in Riga has been analyzed: multi-storey residential apartment building at 11 Lielirbes Street.


Rescue works in case of fire; tactical plan; tall building.

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DOI: 10.7250/ste.2014.010

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