Methods of Performing Rescue Work In Slope Processes Affected Areas

Vladimirs Jemeljanovs, Gunita Nikitina, Jelena Sulojeva, Valentina Urbane


Because of various reasons in naturally as well as in artificially formed slopes the rosks can lose their stability and, under the influence of gravitational force, move down, forming landslides, screes and earth creeps.[1] Such processes are classified as slope processes. They create constant threat to human activities, exploitation of buildings and construction works. That is why it is necessary to know the preventive measures and safe methods of performing rescue works in the areas affected by slope processes.
State Fire and Rescue Service of Latvia (further in the text – SFRS), their functions being enhanced, get calls for the rescue works, where people get buried in the ground or there exists the risk of their sinking into unstable ground. Therefore it is required to work out the methodic materials.


Affected Areas

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DOI: 10.7250/113

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