Decrease of Household Waste Incineration Risks in Waste Collection, Transportation and Landfilling

Natālija Cudečka-Puriņa, Vladimirs Cudečkis


Municipal waste management is an activity that decreases environmental hazard and impact on human health, on the other hand, it is still linked with possible technogenic risks during management processes. The paper is focused on the assessment of low potential risk with the high impact on technogenic safety – waste inflammation at different waste management stages. The paper performs an assessment of most common inflammation causes and offers a variety of activities to be undertaken to eliminate or decrease such risks. As one of the solutions in order to minimise possible inflammation risk, the authors advise improving sorting system so that the fractions that are exposed to inflammation are sorted out at the early stages and managed in the best possible way.


Inflammation; risk assessment; waste management.

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DOI: 10.7250/ste.2014.008

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