Electric Arc Hazards

Valdis Ziemelis, Aivars Birznieks, Kaspars Ziemelis


This article aims to analyse the electric arc exposure
hazards to human health and to develop proposals for
improvement of safe operation of electric equipment in
organizations. The study is carried out on the situation in the
field of regulatory documents governing the safe operation of
electric equipment; moreover, recommendations are also given.
It is concluded that the standard IEC 61482-1-2 (LVS EN 61482-
1-2) is adapted in the Republic of Latvia, which puts forward the
requirements to protective clothing against electric arc exposure,
but this standard only takes into account the spectrum of
partially served electric devices. It is, therefore, necessary to
introduce the international standard IEC 61482-1-1, which takes
into account the actual short-circuit current magnitude and
environmental layout of electric devices.


international standard IEC 61482-1-1, requirements, protective clothing, electric arc exposure

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DOI: 10.7250/ste.2013.008

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