Development of Methods for the Estimation of Impact of Physical Factors on the Health of Population

Andrey Vasilyev, Vlada Zabolotskikh, Vladislav Vasilyev


Physical factors (noise, vibration, electromagnetic
fields, ionized radiation, etc.) may have a negative influence both
on the environment and on the health of population. This study
considers the methods and approaches to estimate the impact of
physical factors on the health of population and environment.
The analysis is performed and the approaches are provided to
estimate the influence of physical pollutants on the human health
in the Russian Federation. Principles of estimation of the
combined impact of physical factors are described. New methods
for the estimation of combined impact of physical factors on the
functional state of man are suggested. The results of research
allow drawing the following general conclusions: complex impact
of physical factors on the human health and ecosystems may
significantly increase the negative effect.


physical factors, estimation, impact, method, monitoring

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DOI: 10.7250/ste.2013.007

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