Calculation of Sprinkler with Gas Saturation at Automatic Foam Fire-extinguishing Systems

Ihar Kachanau, Ihar Karpenchuk, Siarhei Pauliukou, Liudmila Liashenka


The article provides an example of calculating the
elements of the sprinkler at automatic foam fire-extinguishing
systems. There is Venturi tube at the core of the sprinkler. There
are holes in the narrowest section for gas saturation of the
extinguishing agent in data Venturi tube. This design allows the
sprinkler to increase the effectiveness of fire-extinguishing foam
due to its gas saturation, for example, the calculation of the
hydrodynamic characteristics of the sprinkler taken universal
foam. Data foam is approved for use in the Republic of Belarus.
Injector elements are confuser, narrow (constriction) section and
diffuser. To reduce losses, an injector inlet diameter is assumed
to be the diameter of the output distribution pipe. This technique
can be applied to the hydraulic design of automatic foam fireextinguishing


Automatic fire-extinguishing systems, diffuser, dispersion, foam, gas saturation, injector.

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DOI: 10.7250/ste.2013.003

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