Methods for Evaluation of Firefighting Capacity of Microencapsulated Halon 21711 and Fire-extinguishing Gas Act-45 Tapes

Edgars Freidenfelds, Janis Ievinsh, Vladimirs Jemeljanovs, Jelena Sulojeva, Inese Vilcane


Human security is one of the main tasks of the fire
protection system; great attention should be devoted to
situations, where evacuation is not possible and extinguishing gas
leak takes place. It is, therefore, important to study the
firefighting efficiency of gases, their toxicity and impact on living
organisms and the environment in general. The studies carried
out showed that at the early stage of fire the microencapsulated
gas bands free of ozone-depletion potential are the most effective
means of fighting fire in small, enclosed spaces.


Extinguishing gases, fire safety, gas microencapsulated tapes, halon.

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DOI: 10.7250/ste.2013.001

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