Paper and Cardboard Packaging Ecodesing and Innovative Life Cycle Solutions

Sabine Koklacova, Dzintra Atstaja


This paper discusses the findings of the research project, which explored paper and cardboard packaging ecodesign and innovative life cycle solutions in Latvia. The present article focuses on theoretical background of ecodesign that is aligned to packaging in order to create universal model and guidelines for its implementation in Latvia. The mixed research method has been used in this paper - interviews, document analysis, modelling and surveys. Ecodesign of paper and cardboard packaging in Latvia plays a significant role in the sustainable development for which interdisciplinary and in-depth knowledge as well as the cooperation of all involved parties is required – Latvian enterprises, packaging designers and manufacturers, printing houses, recycling companies, society and public sector. The proposition of the work is to encourage cooperation between them in order to create clusters of knowledge and innovation. Cooperation with non-governmental organizations, associations, higher educational institutions and research institutes is required at the same time maintaining social campaigns, especially for the youth.

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DOI: 10.7250/122

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