Development of Activities for Reduction of Noise Influence on the Work of Air Service Operators

Valentina Urbane, Janis Ievins, Vladimirs Jemeljanovs, Jelena Sulojeva


Airport is an important link in the economic life of a country. However, it also is a great source of environmental pollution and enomous. Noise influences the inhabitants of territories around the airport, as well as the airport emloyees.
The article examines the risks air service operators are subject to, the criteria of objective evaluation of such risks, establishing the noise levels leading to irreversible hearing damage and other professional diseases.
In connection with RIGA International Airport expansion and increase in the level of the flight intensity, it is especially topical to evaluate the influence of noise on the airport employees, in general, and on the air service operators, in particular, and to elaborate the activities for limiting such an influence.

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DOI: 10.7250/118

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