Occupational Safety Management Aspects on Municipal Waste Water Treatment Plant

Jelena Sulojeva, Aleksejs Percovs, Jeļena Maļukova, Valentina Urbane


There are new municipal waste water treatment plants being constructed in Latvia in the framework of the projects implemented with the EU co-financing. New modern equipment requires certain approach to occupational safety provision. This paper discloses aspects for occupational safety increasing on newly constructed municipal waste water treatment plants within several samples of WWTP designs, actuated in Latvia. WWTP occupational issues are examined from two aspects: operational safety and designed-in safety. The paper reviews several tender requirements for WWTP construction, Latvian Cabinet of Ministers regulations, EU-OSHA materials and abstracts of some medical researches in WWTP occupational health risks. Finally, recommendations to WWTP occupational safety increasing via project owner specification to design and via project owner staff operational safety trainings are presented.

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DOI: 10.7250/117

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